Frequently Asked Questions


How are Fits Perfect custom-made orthotics different from off-the-shelf insoles?

Unlike the flimsy or gushy inserts from the store or pharmacy, custom-made orthotics that are 3D fitted to your feet are strong, add stability to your step, and help correct your gait and posture issues while being soft and comfortable. There is also no need to cut them to fit your shoe, as custom-made orthotics are sized exactly to your foot.

Are Fits Perfect orthotics the same as orthotics from the doctor?

Our custom-made orthotics are equal or better quality than the custom-made orthotics available from a podiatrist or doctor's office. In fact, many clinics trust us to design & manufacture the custom-made orthotics they give to their patients. However, we allow you to order your own orthotics from the comfort of your home at a fraction of the cost and offer free assessments, free custom-fitting, and free shipping.

What conditions can custom-made orthotics help with?

Orthotics that are properly fitted and custom-made can help treat, alleviate, or prevent: Heel/foot pain and/or swelling, flat feet, high arch, plantar fasciitis, poor balance and/or stability, turf toe, shin splints, ankle pain, hip pain, back pain, low mobility, pronation, supination, knee pain, lower limb pain, obesity, neck pain, back pain, spinal pain, and many other musculoskeletal conditions.

What do you consider when designing someone's orthotics?

Orthotics can be customized with a wide variety of design elements and material combinations, however, they should be fabricated based on the overall health status of each individual. We design custom-made orthotics based on your: 3D foot structure/depth, body weight, age, lifestyle (type of work, physical activity & intensity), preferred footwear & more.

How long does it take for me to receive my custom-made orthotics?

As soon as we receive your digital scan from our app, your custom order is placed in queue and we begin to model, design, and handmake your orthotics. With no need to wait for physical foot impressions to ship, we can deliver custom handmade orthotics to your door in weeks instead of months!

Will I feel immediate relief?

You will feel the added support & stability of your orthotics immediately. Some pains and/or conditions can be relieved after a few days/weeks of orthotic use.

Can I wear the same orthotics in different shoes?

Our orthotics are interchangeable, however, they should only be transferred between the same type of shoe. Orthotics designed for heavy boots or running shoes will not function properly inside of a dress shoe.

How many pairs of orthotics should I get?

Since each pair of our orthotics are specially formulated for a certain scenario or shoe type, we recommend ordering a pair of orthotics for each pair of shoes that you wear. For example, one pair for exercising and one pair for work or casual use. If you own a lot of shoes and are having trouble deciding, start by ordering orthotics for the shoes you wear the most.

How long do Fits Perfect orthotics last?

This depends on frequency of use. Our orthotics are made using materials that are high quality, ultra durable, and long lasting. However, since orthotics are corrective devices, we recommend getting new pairs every 12-36 months to ensure that they are up-to-date with your feet.

What device/smartphone can I use for the Fits Perfect app?

The Fits Perfect app is currently supported on Apple iPhone generations X. 11. 12. 13, 14, & 15. Click here to download from the app store.

I'm having trouble with my 3D scan...

If your screen shows up black during the scan, you need to allow the app to access the camera. Go to your phone's settings, scroll down and press on the Fits app, and then toggle camera access ON. Another option is to reinstall the app but this time, when asked, make sure to allow camera access.

If your camera is working but your foot is not being captured, make sure you are in a brightly lit area, and make sure you are holding your foot flat & level with the ground. If you are sitting down, try again while standing up.