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Comfort Diabetic

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Color: Poron Beige

About this product:

Perfect for daily use, the diabetic comfort orthotics are designed to reduce friction against your feet to help prevent complications arising from diabetes such as diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores, nerve damage, and calluses. They also provide excellent support to your knees, hips, back, neck, and spine. They're the perfect treatment aid for diabetes as well as other joint, muscle, & spinal conditions.

Custom-made orthotics help to:

  • Relieve your muscle aches, joint pains, and sore feet
  • Correct your posture
  • Prevent diabetic complications and musculoskeletal diseases


  • 3mm Plastazote® top cover specially made for a frictionless experience to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers.
  • 2mm Poron® memory padding under the Plastazote® top cover.
  • Semi-flexible, accommodative device for flexibility and comfort for a moderately active person.
  • 55 Durometer soft white EVA shell for supportive comfort.
  • Soft Neutral rear foot post to improve balance while walking.
  • The flat EVA bottom prevents movement in the shoe.
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How To Order

method 1 (recommended)

3D Scan Your Feet

1. Download the Fits Perfect app for iPhone (FREE).

2. Use your iPhone's camera to capture the 3D shape of your feet.

3. Build & customize your orthotics in the app.

4. Your unique orthotics are shipped to your home!

Download On The App Store

method 2

Foam Foot Impression Kit

No iPhone? Order online using this website and we will send you a foam impression box.

Step into the box to create a 3D mold of your feet, mail the box back to us, and we will begin creating your unique orthotics.

Layer by Layer, 100% Custom-made

Ultra-high quality materials. Fully customizable to fit your exact needs and preferences. We build your unique orthotic from over 800 combinations of materials and free custom accommodations.

Your #1 Choice

Custom Orthotics Can Help to Treat, Prevent, or Improve:

✔️ Plantar Fasciitis
✔️ Foot Pain
✔️ Ankle Pain
✔️ Flat Feet
✔️ High Arch

✔️ Knee Pain
✔️ Hip Pain
✔️ Diabetic Foot
✔️ Overpronation
✔️ Supination

✔️ Back Pain
✔️ Heel Pain
✔️ Achilles Tendon Pain
✔️ Metatarsalgia
✔️ Ball of Foot Pain

✔️ Alignment & Posture
✔️ Fatigue Resistance
✔️ Athletic Performance & Recovery
✔️ Sport/Running Injuries

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