TRU Slide Men's Black X100 - Black

Color: Black
Size: 8


TRU "True Recovery Underfoot" is the only recovery sandal on the market with technology designed to offer a perfect balance of support and cushioning. The EVA contoured footbed supports the heel, foot, and arch. The X2 Technology limits forefoot flexion and provides a smooth transition at toe-off. Xelero Motion Control Technology keeps the foot in alignment throughout the gait cycle resulting in less stress for the foot, ankle, hips, and lower back.



  • Recovery after running
  • Overcoming overuse injuries
  • Walking



  • Waterproof Soft PU Upper
  • Xelero Technology: Makes walking easier
  • Internal Rocker: Enhanced forward motion and provides rear foot stability
  • Control Plate: Offloads bottom pressure
  • X2 Dynamic Metatarsal Roll Bar limits forefoot flexion
  • EVA Midsole: Stable Cushioning
  • Smooth Heel to Toe transitions
  • EVA Contoured Footbed
  • High Abrasion EVA outsole


Supports Neutral Stability: Perfect for both Supination and Pronation issues

Midsole drop: 10mm

Weight: 5.8 oz./165 g

Fit Characteristics: True to size


Vegan Friendly

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