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Can Custom-made Orthotics Treat Posterior Tibial Tendonitis?
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Can Custom-made Orthotics Treat Posterior Tibial Tendonitis?

Custom-made orthotics are a popular treatment aid for individuals suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis, also known as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) or adult acquired flatfoot, a condition characterized by inflammation and pain in the posterior tibial tendon, which runs along the inner ankle and helps support the arch of the foot.

Symptoms of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Symptoms of posterior tibial tendonitis include pain and tenderness along the inner ankle and arch, swelling and warmth in the affected area, difficulty standing on tiptoes or walking on the heels, and a flattening of the arch of the foot. In more severe cases, the foot may roll outward and the heel may shift inward.

Causes of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

There are several potential causes of posterior tibial tendonitis, including overuse or repetitive strain injuries, obesity, diabetes, and certain types of arthritis. Additionally, individuals with high arches or flat feet may be more prone to the condition, as the posterior tibial tendon is more likely to be overworked in these foot types. Aging and wear and tear also contribute to the development of posterior tibial tendonitis, as the tendon can become weaker and less flexible over time.

Custom-made Orthotics for Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Custom-made orthotics can be a great treatment aid for posterior tibial tendonitis because they can help to redistribute pressure away from the inflamed tendon, reducing pain and inflammation. One of the main benefits of custom-made orthotics is that they are specifically designed to fit the unique shape and contours of your feet. This means that they can provide targeted support and cushioning to the areas of your feet that need it most. Additionally, orthotics can help to improve the alignment of the foot, which can help to reduce the strain on the tendon and promote healing.

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